Millington has new rules for adult entertainment

A Mid-South city has new rules to keep adult entertainment in check.

Pleasure Treasure, Millington's only adult novelty shop, will bear the brunt of the new ordinance passed at Monday night's board meeting. City leaders say a lack of restrictions could make Millington a magnet for adult entertainment, since surrounding cities already have similar laws in place.

The owner of Pleasure Treasure, Sherry Knox, says the new license renewal fees could put her out of business. The city will charge $1,000 for the business, and $200 for each employee, plus fingerprints. Knox says it's hard enough to maintain a small business without steep city fees.

Mayor Terry Jones says the city is looking out for the community, families and the future growth of Millington.

By 2009, Millington will find itself on the path of the upcoming I-269/I-69 interchanges. The mayor says that will bring more traffic into Millington and he wants adult entertainment laws set in place before that happens.

The business license for Pleasure Treasure expires next April. That's when all the new fees are due. Knox hopes the city will give her some slack and lower the amount due.

Fees or no fees, Knox says she will strive to stay afloat.