Family-run business desperate to find stolen tools

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A family-run business is asking for help after expensive tools were stolen while they were on the job.

The thieves stole tools right out of the truck, but these aren't your average tools. They're work tools worth thousands of dollars needed to run the small business Campbell Custom Air.

Pamela Pounders, the owner, came to WMC Action News 5 with video footage she hopes will help get the tools back.

"Sure enough, clear as day, the whole thing was on surveillance," she said.

Pounders said two bold, brazen, and seemingly seasoned thieves struck Tuesday afternoon outside of the small convenience store near East McLemore Avenue and Pond Street.

The tools were taken right out a work truck while her son was outside working.

"Without tools small business such as ours, we can't work, we shut down," Pounders said.

Now, the video is one of the only clues to catching the thieves. In the video, you can see one of the men walk into the store. Later, before leaving, the men pull next to the work truck. Before long, the passenger is seen grabbing bags out of the truck.

"They were grabbing bags, grabbing, bags, the passenger," Pounders said.

She said she wants the tools back because without them, her family cannot run their business.

"People steal from working people, and they don't stop to think that that's their livelihood," Pounders said.

This case is under investigation by the Memphis Police Department. If you have information about the crime, please call police at 901-528-CASH.

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