All men connected to brutal Downtown attack now in custody

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - All the men police linked to a brutal Downtown Memphis beating are now in custody.

This weekend, police arrested Tony McKinney, 29. McKinney is charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder, especially aggravated kidnapping, and aggravated sexual battery.

"I ain't did nothing like that. Nothing. Never had nothing like that on my record. Y'all picked me up for no reason," McKinney said in court Monday.

McKinney has a criminal background that dates back to 2006. He's been convicted on assault charges, theft, criminal trespassing, and more.

Investigators say a friend recognized McKinney's picture and identified him to police. That friend said McKinney often lived with him and had been wearing the same clothes all week at the time of his arrest.

Police have not released the full surveillance video, but according to the affidavit, McKinney is charged with aggravated kidnapping because the surveillance footage shows him carrying the unconscious victim's body to a different location.

Investigators say footage also shows McKinney pull down the victim's pants. He denies all allegations.

"I did all this with one hand? How could I do all this with one hand? My hand already broke. How the [expletive] I do all of this with one hand?" McKinney asked.

Investigators say McKinney's right hand was bandaged when he was arrested, and he had an injury to his left eye which is consistent with being in a fight.

Another suspect, Jeffrey Hargreaves, was arrested Monday morning and charged with two counts of criminal attempt first-degree murder.

Torris Looney was also arrested Monday morning in connection to the assault. Looney is charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder, two counts of especially aggravated kidnapping, and aggravated sexual battery.

Looney has been known to police since 2000 with prior assault, trespassing, drug, and driving convictions.

A fourth man, Antoine Neely, was named a person of interest in the case. However, Neely was captured and charged with attempted first-degree murder.

Neely has a criminal history dating back to 2011 which includes drug and assault convictions.

Kelcey Johnson knows the men arrested. He said they've used his services before at the Hospitality Hub, which describes itself as a hospitality, counseling, and resource center for homeless persons and those imminently homeless located in Downtown Memphis, and he's tried to help them make better choices.

"They frequent here most days," Johnson said. "Hopefully soon it'll come for these guys that they'll decide they want to do more positive than negative,"

The two victims of the attack were taken to the hospital in critical condition. They remain in the hospital at this time. WMC5's Jerry Askin was told that the female is still in critical condition, and the man is doing better.

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