Man arrested for raping, forcing teen into prostitution

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A teen, who recently escaped her captor, said she was raped and forced to prostitute for money.

The teen said she ran away from home early in October. She was able to escape her captor on Oct. 22.

"They got her, thank the Lord that they got her. She's safe and stuff. That's wonderful. Thank God cause it could have been the other way around," neighbor Katherine Crutchfield.

The teen said Melvin Williams raped her and forced her into prostitution. She said he advertised her on social media, forced her to have sex with men on multiple occasions, and then collected the money.

Police were called to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital last week when the teen girl showed up saying she was a runaway who had been held against her will and forced into prostitution.

The girl told police Williams, who has been charged in the past with drug dealing, kept her against her will in a house on Breedlove Street.

Williams told police he knew she was a runaway and claimed the house on Breedlove was where his sister lived. No one on Breedlove remembers seeing Williams.

The teen told police Williams took her cell phone and put ads online offering her for sex.

The victim said Williams would arrange for her to have sex in public parks and then after it was over, he forced her to give him the money.

Williams was arrested and booked on a $105,000 bond. He's charged with rape, sex trafficking, aggravated assault, and more. He's scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

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