Doctors see spike in illnesses in Shelby County

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A sniffle or a cough can quickly turn into a significant illness. Now there's an app that promises to help you avoid people coming down with an illness.

Flu season is here and Doctor Mark Castellaw said this year is worse than others he has seen.

"Last couple of years flu comes after the holidays...usually we start seeing it between Thanksgiving and Christmas," Castellaw said.

A Shelby County Health Department representative confirmed the department has seen an increase in flu-like illnesses over the past few weeks.

Castellaw said he expects to see another sickness surge with the holidays coming soon. It not just the flu but also what he calls "Memphis Crud" that's striking before it normally does.

Castellaw said Memphis Crud is a combination of a sinus infection and bronchitis. He warns if either gets you sick for three days go see a doctor.

Plus, if you want to try and avoid anyone who may be coming down with Memphis Crud...there's an app for that. The Sickweather app also tells you what people are suffering from.

Another key to staying healthy, stick with tried and true methods like getting a flu shot and washing your hands.

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