Police release new details on Collierville murders

Collierville police revealed Tuesday there was a suicide note of sorts left after four people were discovered dead in a home on Kings Ridge last week.

Collierville police captain Tommy McCaskill says Tim Fleming hanged himself from the rafters of the master bedroom.

"He pushed holes in the ceiling, turned the rope over a rafter and tied it off," McCaskill said, "He stood on a 6 foot ladder, kicked the ladder out from under, and hung himself."

Captain McCaskill said the murders happened in the master bedroom.

According to McCaskill, Fleming went after his live-in girlfriend Julie Hall, first hitting her in the head with a claw hammer then strangling her in the bed. McCaskill said Fleming next got the 11 year old girl, tried to drown her in the master bedroom bathtub, then strangled here. Then McCaskill said Fleming got the four year old and drowned her in the bath tub. He put the two girls on the bed next to their mother.

McCaskill says Fleming left a suicide note of sorts for his girlfriends brother who was living in the house.

"Go next door and call the police, we are all dead," it said.

The brother thought it was a joke at first. McCaskill says it is not clear why the murders happened. The family seemed happy the night before, watching a movie together. They were planning to move to Arkansas the next day so Fleming could start a new job.

Collierville police say the family had some discussions about the move.