SCS will not share student data to charter schools

SHELBY COUNTY, TN (WMC) - It's round four in the battle between Shelby County Schools and the Tennessee Department of Education regarding the release of SCS student data to charter schools.

A resolution was passed by the Shelby County School board Tuesday night 7-0 to stop the release of student information.

The board vowed to join a lawsuit supporting Metro Nashville Public Schools.

In August, the SCS board resisted the release of student information to charter school operator Green Dot Public Schools, alleging it wanted the info for recruitment purposes.

Education Commissioner Candace McQueen sent a letter to SCS firing back to the district, saying it was in violation of state law.

SCS sent letters to families allowing parents an opportunity to opt out of their child's information being shared.

Green Dot expressed their frustration.

"Many of our families are under the impression that Fairley High School or Hillcrest High School are closed or not options for students in their feeder patterns, and we just want to make sure that families understand," said Megan Quaile, executive director of Green Dot.

McQueen later sent another letter to SCS, ordering the district to hand over the DATA by September 25.

SCS missed the deadline. In response to this latest resolution refusing to release the information, the state said in part.

"We are disappointed by this decision from the Shelby County Schools Board of Education as we in good faith provided the district with additional time to comply. We will evaluate our options in considering next steps."

Those next steps are yet to be known as a new state law is set to go into effect in July that mandates the release of the information.

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