How to pick the best cellphone plan

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Many Americans are looking to save money, and one place to start may be your cellphone.

Cellphone expert Thomas Bledsoe said there is a way to save on cellphone bills without limiting data.

Bledsoe runs iRepear on Stage Road in Bartlett. He said some of the big carriers are great for families with multiple lines and unlimited data.

"With three, four, five lines on a plan, which a lot of people do have--with Verizon, you can get unlimited data plans for all four lines for around $40 per line," Bledsoe said.

But you can save at some of the smaller carriers if you are looking for a smaller or individual plan.

"I like those plans such as like your Cricket, your Metro PCS, your Boost Mobile plans," Bledsoe said. "You can get a lot of those plans at a lower rate, between $30 and $45. Save an individual a lot of money and still get those unlimited data plans or a high data plan such as ten gigabytes per month."

Bledsoe also said he is seeing more people buying a slightly used phone and then getting data plans with a carrier instead of being under contract for two years, paying off the latest phone. He said you can save money every month that way.

If you're looking for a used phone, make sure you go to a trusted dealer or website that offers some sort of warranty.

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