9 arrested, dozens detained after music video shoot

Teens sitting at the park as police investigate. (Source: WMC Action News 5)
Teens sitting at the park as police investigate. (Source: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Dozens of police swarmed a Memphis basketball court, detaining 38 teens and arresting nine.

Memphis Police Department received calls about a large group of teens carrying weapons at O.L. Cash Park, located near the intersection of Ford Road and Deerskin Drive.

Neighbors and people related to the children said the whole thing is a misunderstanding. They said the children were at the park to film a music video with Memphis rapper Jay Fizzle, not to commit any crimes.

However, officers said the teens had seven guns with them.

Police said nine people were arrested: Jeremy Metcalf, 23; Jaylon Jones, 19; Jeremiah Price, 18; Octavious Abram, 18; Angelo Bunting, 19; Carlos Jones, 19; Cortez Wallace, 22; Timothy McNairy, 25; and Keith Tate, 29.

Many of the 38 teens detained were eventually released.

"It wasn't no harm by the video," said one man.

Police said the shoot involved guns at a park where kids usually play.

"We were just shooting the video to have fun," the man said.

The video shoot landed many of them in handcuffs for hours. They were then placed in a large transport vehicle as police shut down O. L. Cash Park after neighbors complained.

Detonio Walker said he was at O L Cash park Thursday for the Jay Fizzle video shoot.

"Cool, good guy, a money-making machine," Walker said.

A police source said the shoot was gang-related. He said many of the males detained were high-ranking gang members and some had felony warrants.

The police source said there were drugs, too.

"I see if it was violence going on, then It would have been a problem, but everybody kicking it and having fun," Walker said. "We can't have fun in the city?"

But police say these guys went too far.

We asked Walker why the guns were necessary for a video shoot.

"It's really just for show, you get more views," Walker said.

Police recovered seven guns, including an assault rifle. Police say at least one gun was stolen.

"You could have children in the park and maybe one of the guns could go off anything," said Rosetta Harold, whose son was detained at the park.

Harold watched from behind the crime scene tape as her son was in police custody.

"Take him to jail and give him my vehicle, that's all," Harold said.

She said her son knows better.

"I've been warning him and talking with him and he's not been paying attention, so this here will be a wakeup call for him," Harold said.

Memphis Police Department is still investigating.

We have reached out to Jay Fizzle and his team for comment and have not heard back.

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