Airmen welcome in Whitehaven Elementary students

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Thursday morning, students at Whitehaven Elementary were welcomed to school in a military fashion. Instead of salutes students were given hugs, high-fives, and encouragement to start the day.

Even though it's the day before Veteran's Day, the men and women from the local Tennessee Air National Guard said they wanted to celebrate the hard working students.

"Instead of people thanking us for our service we just want to thank them for being good students," said Staff Sgt. Roderick Davis.

Students rushed in to start the day, and faces lit up seeing the troops.

Some students said it's a side of the military they've never seen. "They save us and help us with our struggles," said Christopher Phifer, 5th grader

They said it's the memory seeing of the strong uniformed personnel here caring about them that will stay with them for many more school days to come. "They here for us and they'll protect us," 4th grader Christopher Williams said.

Students were also handed out paper incentives they can trade in with the school for paper, pencils, and fun educational resources.

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