La Nina pattern could impact winter weather - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

La Nina pattern could impact winter weather

Source: NOAA Source: NOAA

We warned of an incoming La Nina last week and now one has officially set up in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, which means there are below average sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern portions of the ocean. This results in a change in our upper level wind pattern, or jet stream, which impacts weather around the world.

This La Nina could affect temperatures and precipitation here in the Mid-South over the next three months. Typically during a La Nina, we get wetter conditions and warmer than normal temperatures in the Mid-South. Temperatures for the months of November, December and January will overall be warmer than normal. However, there will likely still be some cold days mixed in there. 

Although La Nina can result in these outcomes, climate patterns are not a steadfast rule for localized weather. This gives us a look into the possibilities for winter's weather, but not a rigid forecast. 

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