Mom tried to save teen killed in early morning apartment fire

FORREST CITY, AR (WMC) - Fourteen-year-old Jaidah Wilson was in her upstairs bedroom when the fire broke out in the kitchen downstairs.

Her mother, Tory Wilson, said she lost her best friend.

"She was in the room with the door closed sleeping and I kept calling," Tory said. "I got the kids out and I went back in the fire had spread to the hallway."

A grief-stricken mother couldn't make it upstairs to rescue her daughter, who died in a horrific fire at their Forrest City apartment.

"The smoke was so thick," Tory said. "I couldn't even see and I just had to leave out."

Christina McNairy, who lives in the apartment next door, said the fire was hot and all over.

"It took a while for them to get in and get her out," McNairy said. "But they got her out and when got her they worked on her."

Jaidah was a ninth grader at Forrest City High, right across the street from her apartment.

"It was like a shock because I didn't believe it was true," said one of her classmates.

"Everybody's sad," said another classmate. "Everybody is shocked."

Jaidah was on the Honor Roll and in the Beta Club.

"She was kind," said another classmate. "She'd give you anything you wanted."

Jaidah's mother said the fire started in the kitchen downstairs when food was left on the stove. The blaze erupted Friday around 3 a.m.

Tory was able to get her four other children out.

She said Jaidah was quiet, liked to do hair, and never gave her any trouble. The thought of her daughter's personality makes her laugh.

"She had a dry sense of humor," Tory said. "She funny."

But Tory wants something she can't have.

"I do miss her," Tory said. "I want her back."

Jaidah's family lost everything in this fire. Right now, they are living with relatives.

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