Venus and Jupiter will meet in the sky Monday morning

Venus and Jupiter will meet in the sky Monday morning

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Venus and Jupiter are considered the brightest planets seen from Earth.

Early Monday morning, you have the chance to see the two move very close together.

Jupiter and Venus will pair in the morning sky, shining brightly right before sunrise in the United States. With the two planets moving so closely together, they will look like one bright star, rather than two planets in our solar system.

When the two planets meet like this in our sky, that is considered a conjunction in astronomical terms, or meaning that they will line up in orbit with Earth, as we continue to rotate around our star, the Sun.

Even though these planets will seem close to each other in our sky, they are still technically 400 million miles away from each other, which is no quick car ride.

The event will take place one hour before sunrise in the eastern sky and the two planets will remain low on our horizon. The two planets will be visible for about an hour before the light of day makes it too bright to see the planets any longer.

Telescopes are not needed to see these two bright planets in the sky during this event, but caution is urged if using one as the sun will rise during the short time to see the planets.

The good news for Mid-South astronomy lovers is we are looking at mostly clear skies, giving us a good viewing opportunity to see the two planets a line.

Don't fret, if you miss this space phenomenon you will get a chance again next year in January to see the two planets align again.

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