New information on missing teen

Natalee Holloway's mother Beth is back in Aruba, fighting mad and fired up.

She spent her 5 days at home reviewing all of her notes and statements from witnesses and friends and she says on the night Natalee disappeared, she left a bar thinking she was getting into a cab.

Beth Holloway Twitty said, "Now I know-- I know what happened to Natalee! Do you know that our daughter felt like she was getting into a cab? That Deepak Kalpoe was a taxi driver? She thought she was going to the Holiday Inn!"

That was the last time Natalee's friends saw her, happily yelling out of that car window, "yay aruba!"   

"We're beginning to see that that beach story never happened, that Deepak and Satish Kalpoe never took my daughter and dropped Joran and Natalee off at the beach. Absolutely no way that happened! I'm just so hopeful about the possibility of them being re-arrested-- I mean, I think that that is a necessity," said Holloway Twitty.

The family has been a part of this ongoing investigation.

Police interrogated Joran van der Sloot for hours two days in a row.

Sources say he's not saying much and police are determined to question both Kalpoe brothers again.