How to go big on Thanksgiving on a budget

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - If you're trying to create Thanksgiving on a budget this year, there are some easy ways you can save.

Jennifer Vaughn said her family of six is on a strict budget. She runs the blog

She suggests you make sure you shop where you can get reward points. Also, look for deals on Thanksgiving side items like yams, bread crumbs, and broth.

"Breadcrumbs broth is huge," Vaughn said. "You're going to see good discounts on that. Your canned vegetables typically are on sale, anything to make the cranberry dressing--either the canned dressing or the fresh cranberries. Sweet potatoes and yams are always on a discount right now."

But there's one thing Vaughn said you should always do before you begin to shop.

"I like to look at making my menu in advance, and then really making a list of needs because what do we know when we do? impulse purchasing," Vaughn said. "If we run off to the store at the last minute, we end up with a car full of things that are overpriced and maybe items we really didn't even need."

Don't forget about downloading rebate apps like Ibotta and Saving Star. With those, you can take a picture of your grocery list and get money back on featured items.

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