Big Rig aims to educate and save lives on Tennessee roadways

Big Rig aims to educate and save lives on Tennessee roadways
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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - As the Traffic Tracker for WMC Action News 5 each weekday morning, I not only keep you abreast of accidents, construction projects and anything else that could affect your morning commute, but I offer safety tips while on your drive to work or school -- no texting and driving,  school zone safety, and now highway safety when sharing the roadways with large trucks and commercial vehicles.

The Tennessee Trucking Foundation is on a mission to create a safe driving environment and save lines by offering programs that are aimed at educating motorists, especially new teenage drivers.

A small group of men and women hit the interstates and highways with a powerful weapon, the No-Zone Truck and Trailer. The Big Rig allows students the opportunity to experience the size of the rig while learning about the truck's blind spots and stopping distances.

Did you know there's an app for teens with useful tips, like videos, on sharing the roadways with large commercial vehicles?

You can download the app, sign your school up for a visit and much more. For more information, click here.

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