Mid-South Food Bank supports veteran services in Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The Mid-South Food Bank helps feed thousands of people across the region, including dozens of veterans in recovery programs.

Melvin Williams is an Army veteran who has cooked all over the world.

He now serves as the head chef at Alpha Omega Veterans Services, a charitable organization that helps homeless and distressed veterans get back on their feet.

Alpha Omega depends on the help of the Mid-South Food Bank to provide healthy meals three times a day.

"Plus snacks, when we can get snacks from the food bank--you know how high snacks are in the store--so that saves us a bundle," Williams said.

The organization purchases food from the food bank at discounted prices.

Organizers said food and fellowship are important to Alpha Omega veterans just as much as it is to other families. They said the partnership with the Mid-South Food Bank is critical to providing those meals on such a tight budget.

"It just boils down to money," said Alpha Omega administrator Vicki Azlin. "If we buy wholesale ground beef, for example, it costs $1.89 a pound, at the food bank it's ten cents a pound. That's huge savings."

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Azlin said often times veterans are too proud or ashamed to ask for help and that is a challenge, but there is nothing like a welcoming home-cooked meal.

"It's like sitting at momma's table or sitting at grandma's table and fellowship through food is really important," Azlin said.

Azlin said by giving to the Mid-South Food Bank, you will help feed families and serve those who have served our country.

"Do what you can where you are, and if that's giving a dollar when you go through the grocery line to the food bank, the little tickets that you pick up, a dollar or five dollars, if that's what you can do then do it," she said.

So if you can find it in your heart to help such a worthy cause, please donate to the food bank through the WMC Action News 5 Holiday Food Drive on December 6. Click here for more details on the food drive.

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