DeSoto County disputes claims over K9 in HBO documentary

DeSoto County disputes claims over K9 in HBO documentary

DESOTO COUNTY, MS (WMC) - DeSoto County Sheriff's Department is telling their side of the story after they were featured on the new HBO documentary War Dog: Soldier's Best Friend.

The one hour documentary highlights K9s who serve with Special Operations soldiers and their bond together.

In the show, one of the department's K9 officers, Mika, and her handler Lt. Paul Leslie are featured.

Mika was a former Ranger dog, separated from U.S. Army Ranger John Dixon after the two walked into an ambush in Afghanistan. After the ambush, Mika was sent to DeSoto County to serve with DCSD.

The show's synopsis said Dixon tried to reunite with Mika but was unsuccessful.

Mika died in October.

However, DeSoto County Sheriff's Department said Dixon called several times and made an agreement with Leslie and HBO producers to meet up with Mika in December 2016, but the meeting never happened.

You can read the full statement from DCSD below:

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