911 tapes released from Collierville murders

It's been nearly a week since the gruesome discovery inside a King Ridge Drive home in Collierville. It was a discovery made by the 17 year-old brother of one of the victims. He was in town for a visit.

He called 911 after finding a suicide note then walking into the master bedroom to find Tim Fleming hanging from the rafters.

Caller: "Uh, somebody hung themselves."

Dispatcher: "Somebody hung themselves?"

Caller: "Yes sir."

Dispatcher: "Okay, where is the person who hung themselves?"

Caller: "In the bedroom."

Dispatcher: "Okay, who is the person who hung themselves?"

Caller: "Tim Fleming."

The teen didn't investigate any further after finding the body of his sister's boyfriend.

Dispatcher: "Did you look at him?vWas he breathing? Had he been there for a while?"

Caller: "I just opened the door a little bit and seen him hanging there."

The body of Tim Fleming's girlfriend, Julie Hall, was discovered later. She had been beaten with a claw hammer then strangled. Her 11 year-old daughter had been strangled too. Police say Fleming drowned Hall's four year-old daughter in the master bedroom's bathtub.

It's a case that may continue to haunt Collierville and its police department.

"We would like to bring it to closure--for us and the family," says Captain Tommy McCaskill. "But we may never answer the question of why? We know how, but don't know why."

Police have questioned family members, co-workers, employers, etc.

We've learned that victim Julie Hall worked as a topless dancer here in Memphis. She was convicted on DUI charges last year.

We're told Hall had recently learned she would need to return to Tennessee every month to check in with her probation officer.

She, Tim Fleming, and the two kids were supposed to move back to Arkansas two days after their bodies were found.