MPD, SCSO need help identifying thieves taking packages off porches

SHELBY COUNTY, TN (WMC) - Two packages were stolen off Mid-South porches and captured on camera.

The first package was stolen off a man's front porch in the Berclair neighborhood near the intersection of North Graham Street and Tutwiler Avenue on Tuesday, Oct. 17.

Memphis Police Department said officers spoke to the homeowner who told them he was expecting a package and never received it. The homeowner reviewed his surveillance system and realized his system captured the thief on camera.

The second incident happened near the Whitten Road and Mullins Station Road intersection.

Shelby County Sheriff's Office said a woman stole a package off the victim's front porch. SCSO did not release exactly when the theft occurred.

Christina Hearon, a bride-to-be, ordered a silver platter.

Her fiance heard something Tuesday night left at the door an hour earlier, so they looked at their security video and saw a car drive by then stop, turn the headlights off, and back down the street, parking in front of the house up for rent next door.

After a few minutes, the woman wearing sunglasses at night and a University of Memphis hoodie that has been cut off at the waist walked up to the porch, bent down, and picked up the package. She then ran off to her car.

"I was shocked. I was really surprised. I didn't know there was a package even delivered," Hearon said. "It's just not a good idea period. Don't steal people's stuff."

Hearon ordered the platter for her wedding, and, thankfully, it didn't cost a lot.

"We just want the person caught, and we want people to know it's not OK to do that," she said.

Hearon wants the woman caught so badly that she and her fiance are offering a $100 reward.

With Christmas just around the corner, more packages will be on front porches, and there are more cameras on those same porches.

If you are having packages delivered, you might want to have them delivered to a neighbor who is always home, have it delivered to your work, or pick the package up at the delivery business.

If you recognize the suspect in the Berclair theft, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

If you recognize the Whitten Road suspect, contact Sgt. Keaton at 901-568-5645.

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