Activists group demands answers for why person labeled 'hazardous' by MPD

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Mid-South activist group took questions regarding what prompts a person's address to be marked as "potentially hazardous" straight to Memphis Police Department headquarters.

Reginald Johnson's son was shot and killed back in 2014, and he's still grieving.  Now, he said his address being marked a hazard by MPD is offensive, and he wants to move.

"Director Rallings, if you can hear us, we just have a yes or no question for you. Do you even have a policy on your use of hazard indicators?" a member of the activist group asked.

Members from Mid-South Justice and Peace rallied outside MPD headquarters on Wednesday. This came as a response to Johnson being labeled a hazard.

Johnson filed a complaint last year after he was arrested, causing him to be labeled a hazard. The charges against Johnson were eventually dropped.

"They need to let me know how you get categorized as a hazard and your home as a hazard. I did nothing wrong," Johnson said.

Memphis police said the department does not maintain a hazard list, but they did admit police dispatch will notify officers of so-called hazardous locations based on prior incidents that may be hazardous for officers.

Wednesday, the City of Memphis said this can also apply to homes with vicious dogs or someone who is deaf, but there is no set policy nor a hazard list--it's standard operating procedure.

"If they don't have a policy, they need one. We understand why someone might be considered hazardous but there needs to be a policy so that practice is not misused," Paul Garner from Mid-South Peace and Justice said.

Johnson said he'll go to MPD headquarters weekly to rally for an answer.

Memphis police released the following statement:

"MPD does not maintain a hazard list. Hazards are placed on locations where an officer has experienced some type of incident which has been identified as a possible hazard for officers. A few examples: locations where prior barricade situations have occurred, violent and/or combative mental consumers, a combative party, someone who has fought with officers, etc. Officers are made aware of a potential hazard at a particular location by Communications upon receiving a call for precautionary reasons only."

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