Man dies after being shot in the neck, wrecking vehicle

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A man is dead after being shot in the neck and wrecking his vehicle, according to Memphis Police Department.

No suspect information is available at this point.

Broken glass sits on the curb to go along with a shattered sense of safety for a Binghampton family after a driver crashed in their house after being shot twice.

"I was shocked. Especially it was not just the point of somebody running into the house, but you [they were] shot too," said Lonzie Turner, who lives nearby.

The driver later died. The family who lives in the home near the intersection of Tillman Street and Johnson Avenue said that they just moved in last month

They said they were sleeping when they woke up to a loud crash around 4 a.m.

What makes this incident even scarier for the family is behind that plywood, their 10-year-old son was sleeping and he was nearly hit by the car.

"Somebody just bammed up in their door," said Kevin Wilson who also lives nearby. "Could have been worse than that. Don't nobody get hurt in there did they? What if they were standing in the place where the car crashed at?"

This was one of five homicides in Memphis over the weekend, all of them shootings.

It's that type of violence that continues to plague Memphis with seemingly no end in sight.

"It's killing the whole neighborhood," Wilson said.

According to Memphis police at this point last year, there were 199 homicides in a record-setting 2016, and 183 of those homicides were criminal.

So far in 2017, there have been 182 homicides, and 168 have been criminal homicides.

"The situation out here is kind of dim and dull," Wilson said. "You got young people out here that don't nobody have no jobs for one thing."

"We see something then we need to report it," Turner said. "That's the only way things are going to get better. We help our law enforcement and help our community."

No arrests have been made in the five homicides this weekend.

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