Possible Northwest Airlines strike looming

Northwest flights continued to fly in and out of Memphis Friday, providing a service the Mid-South relies on. But with a threatened mechanics strike, that service could be disrupted.

Airport Authority President Larry Cox urges the flying public not to change their plans yet.

"It's not uncommon in airline union negotiations for negotiations to go down to literally the last hour of the last day," Cox said.

The last hour of the last day would be 11pm on August 19th.

Northwest officials said even if there's a strike, planes will keep flying.

The airline released a statement saying, "Northwest customers can continue to book their future travel with confidence. In preparation for a potential job action, the airline developed a comprehensive contingency plan...to ensure that Northwest continues to fly its full schedule."

AAA Travel Manager Cheryl Keating says there are other options. "If you really are worried about Northwest, there's other airlines that will get you to your destination," she said. "It's probably not going to be a non-stop out of Memphis to get to that destination."

Keating also urges air travelers to pay for their ticket with a credit card. That way it is refundable by your credit card company. Keating said she is encouraging customers already booked on Northwest flights to wait and see what happens.