Crooks steal 17 guns, jewelry from pawn shop

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - More than a dozen guns are on the streets of Memphis after a single robbery.

Seventeen guns were taken when a pawn shop was robbed at gunpoint Monday at a busy shopping center on Winchester Road in Hickory Hill.

People in that strip mall are unnerved by the thought of two suspects, at least one of them armed, in pulling off such a brazen theft.

Now, Memphis police want help finding these crooks.

"They heard the guys running through here," said Armando Perez, who works at a clothing store just down from Pawn Plus.

Store employees heard these two men running on the walkway at the strip mall.

The two men with red bandanas over their faces are suspected of lifting more than a dozen handguns, and jewelry around 10:30 a.m.

Police say the suspects asked for handguns and jewelry when they went in.

"It's hard you now everyone tries their best to provide for their family, you got people who think otherwise," Perez said. "They like that easy money."

Police say at least one of the suspects had a black handgun. They either didn't see or didn't care about the sign at Pawn Plus that reads "Smile Shoplifters, you are on camera."

Those surveillance cameras captured video of the suspects.

The shopping center is busy with plenty of stores all around it. People at a nearby laundromat didn't want to talk on camera but they said they are frightened by even more weapons out on the streets.  

Some shop owners are keeping their doors locked during business hours.

Police aren't sure how much jewelry the crooks got. If you recognize either of these men, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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