Prostitutes working near schools

The lives of prostitutes are played up in the movie "Hustle & Flow." But many say it's a growing problem on the REAL streets of Memphis.

"I mean, they walk all day and all night," says one resident.

McLemore & Wellington, Hemlock & Kerr, and Eloise at Elvis Presley are among the areas where nearly two dozen prostitutes were busted in a matter of hours one day this week. It's not surprising to a lady we'll call Mary.

"But it would be nice if they could clean it up," she says.

That's especially true when you consider all of these hooker hot-beds are no more than a couple hundred yards from an elementary or middle school. Among them are LaRose, Hamilton, Corry, and even St. Augustine Catholic School.

Parents are concerned about what their kids could encounter on the street corner. Sidewalks in front of many schools will be packed with students once school begins.

"Our children are faced with other social issues--why should they be faced with crime?" asks Memphis PTA President Anabell Turner.

She's had several run-ins herself.

"I've chased off many off this corner," says Turner, talking about the corner on which she lives.

Turner believes police can only do so much about prostitution. Parents and neighbors need to do their homework too.

"We cannot eliminate it--we can't even attempt to eliminate it--but we can deter it and we can make them move," says Turner. "Get out of our neighborhoods, get out of our schools, and out of our children's faces!" is her message to hookers.

Some in these neighborhoods tell Action News 5 they've literally had to run prostitutes out of their yards, only to discover used condoms and the like left behind. It's the same kind of stuff that has also been found on school playgrounds.