Customized shoe designer gets attention worldwide

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - It's not the typical mix for making money, but for self-made Ellery Hardrick Jr., he's made his art into a worldwide business customizing shoes into glittery creations.

"I never had any art schooling or anything like that so, as I always say it's been a God-given talent," Hardrick Jr. says.

The Memphis native has been designing clothing for the past 15 years.

"Shirts, shoes, jeans, hats, blazers, women apparel, high heels. I've customized - like high waist skirts," he said.

He says his Instagram account ceoapparel901 is the reason his business is now booming.

He has more than 60,000 followers and his videos have reached millions around the world.

"I got calls from Egypt, Barcelona, Australia," he says.

Now he's getting calls from big names for the work he does alone in this small room of his home.

"I've done some for Zach Randolph, the family, the children, His wife. I've actually did some shirts for more of the Grizzlies starters," Hardrick Jr. said.

The prices vary by design, starting at $70 for shoes.

He says one scrape will prove it's worth the price.

The secret to his success is a special glue, he's keeping that secret sealed tight.

For Hardrick, these designs are much more than what meets the eye. It's fashion made with a heart of gold.

"The most touching thing, for people to be so inspired and look at me for inspiration," he says.

You can check out his Facebook page to see more of his designs.

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