Customize your diet with DNA

Customize your diet with DNA

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Pam Davis has always been healthy, but the 55-year old HR Director wants to live the healthiest life possible.

"Both of my parents died of Alzheimers," Davis says. "I was in and out of nursing homes every day for five years and I saw a lot of people who did not have a good quality of life."

She decided to learn what her genetics say about her diet, nutrition, and exercise.

All that was needed to collect her DNA was a swab of the inside of her mouth.

Chiropractor Kim Carpenter, who is also trained in functional medicine, added the component to her practice.

"It takes the guesswork out of the next fad or the next good book that's out there on diet and lifestyle and customizes it to you based on who you are and what you need," says Dr. Carpenter.

Carpenter uses a lab called Pathway Genomics to run the test. What comes back is a long report that suggests which of four diets is best for you; low carb, low fat, balanced diet, or Mediterranean.

"You're basically looking at your individual computer system and figuring out what you need nutrient wise to be as healthy as possible," says Dr. Carpenter.

"I was very heavy on protein side.  And denied myself pretty much every carb that existed. And that's what I craved," Davis says.

Now more than half of her plate is filled with carbs; carrots, beets, brown rice, not pasta.

As for exercise, her DNA test showed that she would benefit from spending 80 percent of her time on endurance training, like spinning, and 20 percent on strength training.

"We have seen drastic changes in individuals who previously had a lot of inflammation or couldn't lose weight or always fatigued or always tired or didn't have the motivation to exercise," says Dr. Carpenter. "Your DNA is the why behind everything that's taking place in your body."

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