Fake officer attempts to pull over man in Shelby County

SHELBY COUNTY, TN (WMC) - A Shelby County resident said he was almost pulled over by what looked like a fake officer.

Police said it's been a while since they've seen people posing as fake officers and trying to pull people over, but after a recent incident, they want to make sure you're prepared in case it happens to you.

"I came to a stop, that's when I saw, caught site of that white Dodge Charger," Richard Ramsey, Jr. said. "I instantly thought, 'what did I do wrong. I know it was a complete stop,' so I started slowing down like I was going to pull over and I started looking at it. It just didn't look right to me."

Ramsey said the vehicle had a single blue light in the windshield. Shelby County Sheriff's Office said that'll never be the case.

"It won't just be some light bulb gum ball on the roof of the car, it'll be in the grill, it'll be in the windshield, the back of the windshield, the headlights, and the tail lights," SCSO spokesman Earle Farrell said.

Ramsey said the car followed him for about five to 10 minutes before eventually drifting off.

Deputies have tips in the instance the same thing happens to you.

"If there's any doubt at all, don't pull over, dial 911. Tell them where you are, there's a car behind you attempting to pull you over, you don't believe it's a legit law enforcement car, and go to closest precinct," Farrell said.

Ramsey said he's glad he followed his gut and didn't pull over.

"I don't know what he was intending on doing, robbing me or trying to steal something from me. It's that time of year where we're carrying presents so you just never know," Ramsey said.

Unfortunately, Ramsey wasn't able to get a license plate number for the vehicle posing as police, but if you know anything, you're asked to give police a call.

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