Stolen Ferrari recovered after thief asks stranger for gas money

SANTA ANA, CA (NBC) - California police arrested a man suspected of stealing a $340,000 Ferrari 458 Spider after the car ran out of gas.

Police said the man asked a passerby for gas money after stopping at a service center.

That's when the two-week joyride came to a stop.

The car's owner was happy to have her car back, but that was short-lived when she saw what was done to it.

""He jumped in, the keys were right there, and put on his glasses and his partner came in front in another car and then they just drove off, and it was gone. And then the next time we saw it was two weeks later - 1400 miles, just trashed," the car owner's boyfriend Eadward York said.

York said the car was in bad shape after the return.

"It was like the guy just beat the car to pieces, like an animal. Broke the panel shifter, tore the dash, chopped the dash up,  ripped the whole car apart, tore out all the buttons, ripped the a/c, everything, tore the shields off, wrecked the whole rear diffuser, cracked it, smashed the front, tore the rims up, all the tires were bald."

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