The 2017 hurricane season comes to a close

The 2017 hurricane season comes to a close

(WMC) - November 30 is the final day of the official Atlantic Hurricane season.

The 2017 season will certainly be one for the record books and will leave a lasting memory for many.

The season produced 17 named storms, which was well above the average of 12 storms in a typical season.

Of those 17 storms, six storms produced maximum winds of 100 mph or above.

The first of those storms was Harvey with 115 mph maximum winds.

But, it wasn't the wind that did the major damage with Harvey, it was the rain.

The storm sat for days along the Texas coast near Houston where it dumped more than 30 inches of rain over the area producing widespread flooding and billions of dollars in damage.

That storm was followed by Irma, the strongest storm of the season with maximum sustained winds of 160 mph.

Irma skirted the Caribbean producing significant wind damage and flooding for many of the islands in its path.

The storm's path then took aim on Florida where it blasted the Keys and then turned north riding along the west coast of the state.

Fortunately, the system weakened significantly as it moved north producing only minimal flooding for much of Florida.

But it was Hurricane Maria with winds of 150 mph that gave a major blow to many of the islands that had already been glanced by Irma just days earlier.

The hardest hit island was Puerto Rico where Maria left the entire island without power and clean drinking water.

The water was restored within a couple of weeks, but much of the island remains without power to this day.

Maria would be followed by four more storms that formed and remained over the open waters of the Atlantic during their cycle.

Another storm of significance for the season was Jose with maximum winds of 135 mph.  Although the storm didn't make landfall it did have the distinction of being the longest-lived storm of the season churning through the Atlantic for 16 days.

Even though November 30 marks the end of hurricane season that doesn't mean that there will be no more storms until next season.

It is not unusual to see subtropical storms form in the offseason.

As we put the official 2017 hurricane season in the record books we continue to monitor the Atlantic Basin and the Caribbean for any surprise storms that may develop in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

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