Battle Over Park Names Could Be Near End

The Sons of Confederate Veterans ask that you don't judge them based on name alone, "Because the word Confederacy is involved it's associated with these radical groups, particularly hate groups and that type of thing." Groups which Steve McIntyre says do not represent his values. Supporters like Ward Johnson say the "Sons" are a group dedicated to preserving history, not necessarily defending it, "There are a lot of things in history that aren't pretty but it's there. Because it's not politically popular to have these parks it doesn't change the fact that it happened." With the name change controversy possibly coming in front of the Memphis City Council next week, petitions are being passed around as are these signs. McIntyre doesn't want the names changed and he's not thrilled with the idea of turning the parks over to the Riverfront Development Corporation or University of Tennessee, "Provide some sort of protection for this historical value, tradition involved here. You turn it over to some new organization and all bets are off."Members of this group say they want all sides of history represented, not covered up. The group is trying to get facts about the parks out. That Nathan Bedford Forrest the Third is honored there for his death in World War two. They also believe the Civil War was fought more over land and economics than slavery.