Driver: Deputy pulled gun on me at stoplight

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis Police Department is investigating after a Shelby County deputy pulled his gun on a man.

The incident happened Monday afternoon at a traffic light when the deputy tried to talk to a man he said was driving recklessly.

The man, Floyd Banks, said the deputy got out of his personal vehicle while both of them were stopped at a red light. The deputy approached the driver's side of Bank's car with his gun drawn.

"I would like to see him held accountable for his actions, because he was wrong," Banks said. "He had no right to pull out a gun on me."

The deputy said the whole incident started when he left 201 Poplar. He said Banks cut him off as they both approached a construction zone near the intersection of Poplar Avenue and Manassas Street.

Banks said he didn't think he cut off anyone. He said he had to merge over because of the construction, but he didn't cut anyone off.

"As I get over, my window down and I hear him yelling, 'You stupid mother [expletive],'" Banks said.

The deputy, while in his personal vehicle, followed Banks to the stoplight at Poplar Avenue and McLean Boulevard.

The deputy admits he got out of his vehicle and approached the car but said he did not have his gun drawn.

"Grabbed his pistol off his side and stuck it in my window and he said, 'Stupid mother [expletive]; you need to learn how to drive,'" Banks said.

Banks said he saw the deputy's gun and hit the gas, driving away from the deputy.

After Banks drove off, the deputy followed Banks and called MPD dispatch to report a reckless driver.

The deputy stopped following the car once MPD told him no officers were available to assist.

Banks said he was not driving recklessly. He did admit to running a red light, but he said that happened when the deputy approached his car with his gun drawn.

"If he's done it to me, he'll do it to somebody else, and there's no telling who else he'll do it to," Banks said.

Police say no one has been charged.

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