MCS Superintendent works with Mid-South Pastors

The Superintendent of Memphis City Schools is turning to a higher power to help her with your child's education.

Today Doctor Carol Johnson met with Mid-South Pastors.

Johnson is working with Bishop G-E Paterson to form a partnership between schools and area churches.

The two invited religious leaders from churches -- mosques and temples to attend.

Doctor Johnson says she is aware of some parents concerns about the separation of church and schools.

But she says she's not trying to merge the two.

Dr. Carol Johnson,  "There are many adults in the faith-based community who come into our schools and help in reading and math and help families when they are in need. And it contributes to student achievement and helps provide a strong educational program."

Bishop G.E. Patterson, "The training up of children it comes both the responsibility of parents, school and church. Everywhere they go in those three arenas, they need to be positively impacted."

Today's meeting is part of the school district's Blue Ribbon Behavior Plan.