Germantown seeks to stop building new apartments, townhouses

GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC) - Germantown officials want to put a temporary stop to new developments in the city

At a planning commission meeting Tuesday, Mayor Mike Palazzalo brought up the idea of implementing a moratorium to stop the development of multi-family housing like apartments and townhouses.

Zo Shirazee lives in Germantown and said he doesn't mind the idea.

"I've seen a lot of examples of apartment complexes coming up at the expense of other people's living situations and it can affect them not almost always in the most positive ways," Shirazee said.

Mayor Palazzalo released the following statement:

"Rapid development of multi-family units can result on a disproportionate impact on City resources, services, utility systems, traffic, schools and public safety. As a result, I have asked the administration to prepare a resolution that would impose a temporary moratorium on stand-alone multi-family development in Smart Code Zoning Districts."

City officials said the development wouldn't impact any existing projects in the works, but instead, allow the city to talk to developers and analyze the impact more apartments would have on city services such as police and fire departments, as well as school districts.

It would also allow city leaders to decide if the city has the ability to handle it.

"I think if it's not going to affect other people that already live in the area, then I think, I mean, no harm no foul," Shirazee said.

Officials said they'll bring this idea of a moratorium to the board of alderman on Jan. 8. There, they'll determine if they'll implement it, and if so, for how long.

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