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Memphis City Schools superintendent looks to churches for help

Memphis City School students will hit the books Monday when classes begin, and Superintendent Dr. Carol Johnson wants to make sure it's a good year.

Dr. Johnson called church leaders of all denominations together for a Pastor's Summit, designed to encourage mentoring and tutoring.

"We are a natural vehicle to get to the community," said Pastor Bill Adkins, "It's natural to come through us to say help to get to these people."

Adkins is the pastor of Greater Imani Church. His congregation helps with tutoring and mentoring .

"This is the first year we've done this and we weren't sure how many people were going to show," he said. "We're really excited that so many pastors and people from faith based organizations did come."

The city schools also got a little help from Washington. Congressman Harold Ford Jr. showed up and offered his help as a mentor.

"It is embarrassing, particularly with all the men in our city, especially all the African American men we have, a group of young men many of them African American without a mentor," Ford said.

Dr. Johnson's Blue Ribbon Plan was created to promote academic achievement and positive student behavior. The superintendent said it's a plan designed to work before problems start.

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