Christmas 'Grinch' stealing holiday decorations in Midtown

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Christmas time is here--wreaths are hanging, lights are up, and everywhere you go, you'll likely hear holiday music.

But, at least one Grinch is trying to ruin Christmas for many Midtown residents.

Several Midtown neighbors said their holiday decorations were stolen right out of their yards.

"I'd love to see it get returned. Don't be a Christmas Grinch," Angela Taylor said.

Someone came into Taylor's yard and stole her Christmas decorations.

"We had a blow up Snoopy on a house, and we also had some light-up snowmen," Taylor said.

"It's not right and it's unfair to the people who have spent the time to have put them up," Janet Wyatt said.

Samantha Hudson said someone stole from the house where she babysits.

The owner's son, she said, witnessed the crook in action, and the owner chased the man down.

"He didn't come back for about 20 minutes, and when he did come back, he had our neighbors yard tools and two different sets of lights. One of them was ours," Hudson said. "I don't care what your reason was, it's still not right to take from other people, and especially Christmas lights."

Memphis Police Department is encouraging residents to never be afraid to call police if you ever see something suspicious.

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