Kidnap Victim Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

A Memphis man told he had been kidnapped from this home on Edsel by two men, one in the passenger seat of his car and one in the back. He says the two men forced him, at gunpoint, to drive to the First Tennessee Bank at 1200 South Third Street. He said the kidnappers wanted him to withdraw money from his account. Investigators say one of the kidnappers went inside the bank to get a withdrawal slip. The victim told police he took that chance to fight back. Lt. Toney Armstrong said the man reached under the drivers seat where he had a gun hidden and took a shot, "They had an exchange of gunfire, the suspect shot the victim several times." Bank employees reacted fast, locking the building down and calling police. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene and left in the backseat as police investigated. With crime on the rise in Memphis many in the crowd around the shooting scene said the kidnapper got what was coming to him, others weren't so sure. Police say the second kidnapper ran from the bank as soon as he heard the shots.