Walnut Grove construction delayed

It's a huge project that's expected to take nearly three years, but there's a construction delay on Walnut Grove. The road is marked for the expansion project that's expected to ease traffic congestion between I-240 and Farm Road. TDOT officials say the first scoop of dirt will not be turned until everyone is on the same page: from utility companies all the way to the construction company. "We have to make sure that everything is in line, that we know where every live wire is, we know where every water line is, because this is a very sensitive area. It is very incumbent upon us to make sure that this all goes well," said Pamela Marshall of TDOT. TDOT officials say, though, just because drivers don't see any workers... doesn't mean work isn't being done. Crews are out making sure the stage is set for a smooth project. We also talked with officials over at Christian Brothers High School who say they're ready for the rush of school traffic and the monster construction equipment. For more information click