Thieves steal all 4 tires from parked car

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Cooper-Young resident will have a hard time getting around after someone stole all four wheels off his brand-new car.

Brandon Hodges isn't sure why his 2017 Toyota Camry became the target either Sunday night or early Monday morning.

He says his wheels were nothing special, just the stock alloy wheels that came with the base package.

"I even checked the other side," Hodges said. "I'm like 'did they get all of them?' Yeah, they got all of them."

Hodges found his car on blocks around 8 he was headed out to work. All that was left behind were piles of lug nuts.

"I didn't even think it was real," Hodges said. "I had come out here and look at it twice and go 'this is really happening to me. Someone has stolen my wheels off my car on Monday morning."

From Sunday night into Monday morning, his car was one of few on Philadelphia Street in Cooper-Young, a well-lit street at night.

Hodges guesses it was at least a two to three-man job to remove the wheels without a jack and fast enough so no one spotted them.

"A friend of mine made that joke, we train NASCAR pit crew here," Hodges said.

Jokes aside, the missing wheels left him stranded at home and with an unexpected Christmas gift to himself – new wheels and car repairs.

Hodges is one of more than two dozen Midtown residents this year who are now missing parts of their cars, according to crime stats we requested earlier this month from Memphis police.

"Midtown police officers will find these guys," Hodges said. "It's not a question. MPD will catch them."

He's now reaching out for help to his neighbors, hoping someone or their security camera caught the crooks responsible for swiping all four of his wheels.

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