Man who created GoFundMe for bullied student asks donors for input

KNOXVILLE, TENN (WMC) - The man who started the GoFundMe for a bullied Tennessee boy is calling on donors to decide what to do with the money raised.

Joseph Lam said he created the page on December 9 after watching the viral video of Keaton Jones pleading for bullies to stop hurting people.

The video, which shows Keaton sobbing and saying, "it's not OK," after being bullied at school, has garnered the attention of countless celebrities after the video went viral on Twitter.

Lam's original goal was to raise $5,000, but it soon shot up to $56,000.

However, the motivation behind the video was called into question after screenshots surfaced of Keaton's mother posting racially charged images on social media.

On December 11, Lam paused the donations and comments on the page in light of the posts.

Tuesday, Lam posted the following update:

Good Afternoon everyone, I've been working diligently on this today. I know things have taken an unexpected turn here with this story but the cause is still the same. This was about Bullying, specifically in this case, Keaton. I'm working on a couple of things but will not move forward without approval from everyone. I think we can use this for some good. But again it will be the decision of everyone.

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Lam also said that those who no longer wanted to be involved with the fund could contact GoFundMe and request a refund.

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