Mom loses eyesight in medical mystery

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Memphis mother is pushing forward to build her legacy after losing part of her eyesight.

She hopes that through her medical mystery, she can motivate others to live with no regrets.

"I felt at my peak. Finding exactly what I wanted to do with my life and things like that then all of a sudden I just started having migraines," said Terrica Williams.

A migraine in 2015 transformed Williams' outlook on life.

"I passed out one time and I was like maybe I've just been stressed," she said.

After passing out one morning, she woke up in the hospital.

"The doctor came in and he was like 'yes Ms. Williams, we found a mass on your brain,'" said Williams.

She would need brain surgery immediately.

"Prior to that I did so much research to find out if there was a different way because they needed to make sure it wasn't cancerous and the only way to do that was to take part of it out and test it," she said.

Without a lot of time to weigh her options, Williams' life flashed before her eyes.

Surgery revealed it wasn't cancer but Williams was left in a coma.

After five days she woke up and couldn't open her left eye.

"It was extremely puffy and swollen," said Williams. "Within in a six month period, my life changed drastically."

The tumor and radiation had a direct impact on her vision and now she's faced with more questions than answers.

"Why am I being punished? I had to accept the fact that you know Terrica it's not about you all the time."

Part of the tumor remains on her brain and doctors are uncertain if her eye will ever open.

"It wasn't until this year that I really accepted the fact," Williams said. "I became content with if my eye doesn't open, I'm content with that."

Williams is now focused on creating her legacy, she's established a fashion line and consulting firm, DominqueLashae, to help young women develop their image.

"Sometimes you have to go through things so that you can help someone else who may not be as strong as you," Williams said.

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