Kidnapping victim explains why he struck back

Jacob Evans says two men robbed him at gunpoint two weeks ago in his front yard when he drove up after work.

After that, Evans got a gun.

On Tuesday the same two men showed up again at his house, around 1:30 in the afternoon.

"The two guys ran up around that hedge," Evans said, "and put the gun on me."

Evans said they ordered his friend out of his car, hopped in, and forced him to drive to his bank. Their plan was to make Evans withdraw $10,000 out of his checking account.

On the way to the bank Evans tried to stall his kidnappers. When they arrived at the bank, Evens first tried to alert a security guard he was being robbed. It didn't work.

Evans told his abductors he needed a withdrawal slip. One of them went inside the bank to get it, leaving the other in the car with Evans. That man was armed.

Evans saw his chance, reached under his sea, and pulled out his gun. He fired six shots into the kidnapper in the back seat, killing him."

The other man came out of the bank and ran. That kidnapper is still on the loose. Police have not yet identified his companion.

Evans had no regrets about his gun. "I'll be happy to tell the DA or whoever," he said, "I think the gun saved my life."

Late Wednesday afternoon, Shelby County District Attorney General Bill Gibbons said his office will not prosecute Jacob Evans.

Evans still may have a problem, though. He didn't have a permit for his gun.