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Dress code bothers some parents

Shelby County's School district is 3-days into its new dress code and it is already under fire. Some parents say the policy is a hassle and they are demanding some changes.

Tracy Pierce likes for her daughter to play in pant-a-loon outfits because the pants underneath the dress cover underwear and, shield her legs from scrapes and falls.

Pierce is protesting against the new school dress code policy that says for safety reasons - the dress part of the outfit must be tucked into the bottom part of the garment.

I've never heard of anyone tucking a dress in its crazy," she said.

Pierce and a number of other parents claims the school board's new tucking rule will make children look awkward, and that could lead to teasing and problems.

They are just going overboard with it," Pierce said.

Parents like Rhonda Weiss are also against new rules that require students to wear belts with all garments that have belt hoops.

"The little kids having to do their buckles when they don't know how to do their buckles," said Weiss.

Weiss claims that kindergartners like her daughter should be excluded from the belt rule because of problems they could have unbuckling in the bathroom.

Wednesday school board officials said that the parents may have a point but the matter will have to be studied before any action is taken.

The Shelby County School system's coordinator of planning and student services, Maura Sullivan, said, "We are in the process of evaluating it right now; the age appropriateness for kindergartners and first graders"

Sullivan said school officials are not against making changes to the new dress code as changes are warranted. She said the goal was to come up with rules that promoted safety and appropriate attire, and those goals will continue.

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