Students beat 15-year-old with brass knuckles, mother says

Ledevion Boyd (Source: SCSO)
Ledevion Boyd (Source: SCSO)

COLLIERVILLE, TN (WMC) - After days of being treated for head injuries and possibly a broken nose, sophomore Keron Jeffries has been released from Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.

Jeffries, 15, is now home trying to recover after students attacked him in his high school's parking lot.

Friday evening, Shelby County Sheriff's Office arrested 18-year-old Ledevion Boyd, and charged him with aggravated assault.

Now, Jeffries' family wants to know why this happened.

"It's been devastating," his mother, Lindell Smith, said.

Smith said she has lots of questions about why her son was so viciously attacked.

"I have to watch him daily because his injury, they say, could cause seizures later on," Smith said. "He was hit by brass knuckles as he was walking to his car."

She said her son plays football for Collierville High School and he's on the wrestling team. He's a sophomore on the right track who she said doesn't have any enemies.

"Smart, honor roll, never been in trouble," Smith said.

This mother wants to see more security on campus to keep kids safe. She said her son didn't deserve what happened to him.

"He doesn't bother anybody, he's a good kid, my son is a remarkable child," Smith said.

She said her son has never even been in trouble at school. Now, he'll be out of school for several weeks to recover from his injuries.

Meanwhile, Collierville Schools Superintendent John Aitken said parents should not worry. He said the school is a safe place for students to learn.

"Parents need to know that it's a safe school; everything is good. It was an after-school incident--unfortunate, worried about the young man, and we think he's going to be fine," Aitken said. "But we're in good shape up there."

Collierville High School has increased security before and after school for the 2,600 students at the school.

Aitken said he's been in touch with the victim's family. He also said the school district is cooperating completely with SCSO's investigation.

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