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Business calls for changes to Shreveport intersection after wrecks, fatality

Blind Tiger owners urge drivers to slow down after car nearly slams into business. (Source: Blind Tiger) Blind Tiger owners urge drivers to slow down after car nearly slams into business. (Source: Blind Tiger)

The owners of the Blind Tiger at Texas and Spring street in Shreveport are calling for safety improvements after a car nearly careened into their front door for the second time in less than 6 months.

"People were running lights they were speeding way to fast and hit each other and there were 3 cars in that one," said John McCarty a Blind Tiger employee.

That wreck happened in September. Two months before that, an uninvited guest drove right through their front door causing them to close for more than a week.

"It's frightening because there are crosswalks and signs and everything but everyone's going too fast," said Torey Westergreen a pedestrian.

Westergreen says she crosses either Spring street or Texas street three to four times a week. She says the streets are so dangerous, she had to put in place a strategy.

"I have a track that I follow because I know that's probably the safest route from point A to point B. I'll cross at this one, cross at this one, but won't do this one or this one," Westergreen said.

The Blind Tiger's owners are asking for left turn signals, speed monitors, and red light cameras.

"Downtown is growing. There are more people coming downtown there are more things to do downtown including the aquarium and we just need a little bit more help to police the area that is growing," said McCarty.

"Recently DOTD conducted a study in 2014 to analyze whether protected left turn signals or arrows should be installed… And at that time it showed that keeping the intersection as it is without those left turn arrows was the best option. It kept the traffic moving most efficiently and was the safest option," said Erin Buchanan the Public Information Officer for the Department of Transportation and Development.

Buchanan says there's only so much they can do.

"Anytime that you approach an intersection as a driver you have a choice to make. You've got a choice of whether or not you're going to stop for a red light or a stop sign, "Buchanan said. She added that safety features are already in places such as a 25 mph speed limit signs and a designated crosswalk with signals for pedestrian crossing.

Buchanan says an upcoming construction project to rehabilitate the Texas Street Bridge will require them to reduce traffic to one lane on Texas Street. This will require the installation of the protected left turns from Texas onto Spring Street.

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