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Judge extends Ford's curfew

Outside federal court, former state senator John Ford was silent. His lawyer too said little.

"We're not going to talk about a lot of the case and stuff. We'll fight about that in court," said Ford attorney Mike Scholl.

Inside Ford testified for the first time since he and six others were indicted in the Tennessee Waltz sting, telling a prosecutor and a judge that he needs his curfew extended so that he can pursue other business opportunities, work at his family funeral home and develop a new business venture, marketing universal fuel pumps with business partner, Alvin King. King also testified. The main prosecutor pointed out King was on the board of directors of Omnicare, another controversial Ford venture involving questionable TennCare consulting. But the judge stopped that conversation.

Prosecutors also told the judge Ford had threatened their informant and they worry he might be a threat to another possible witness, Barry Myers, the bagman who entered a guilty plea last week.

In fact, they attacked Ford's claims from top to bottom, questioning his history at his family's funeral home and pointing out that his income tax reports show no earnings during years he claimed to be working there. They questioned the time he says he needs with his kids, suggesting he spent no time with them before being indicted.

In the end though, Ford and his lawyer left satisfied.

"We're very pleased with the judge's ruling. We thought it would come out just like we anticipated," said Scholl.

Ford now has to be home - in Collierville - by 9 pm.

He's allowed to leave his house for work, family events and religious events.

Ford gets three hours added to his curfew.

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