Corrections Institute spokesperson says Jonesboro school shooter was never held at the facility

Seven years after being convicted of ambushing his classmates in a deadly school shooting in Jonesboro, Arkansas. One of the convicted gunmen is being set free. Mitchell Johnson was believed to have been at the Federal Corrections Institute here in Memphis. However, Mike Pierce the spokesperson for the facility, tells us Mitchell Johnson was never being held there. Johnson's whereabouts don't have to be revealed since he was a juvenile when he committed the crimes. Johnson was one of two boys who opened fire on his classmates at Westside Middle School in Jonesboro back in March of 1998. Four students and a teacher were killed. Johnson's mother says her son will NOT live in Arkansas once he's released from prison. She says he plans on attending college at least a day's drive from Jonesboro and wants to be a minister. As for his accomplice Andrew Golden he's being kept at an another federal detention center. Golden will stay there until he turns 21 in 2007. He was 11 when the Westside School Shootings occurred.