Canadian National expands its Memphis operations

Most people know Canadian National Railroad by the letters C.N.

For years, the company has served Memphis from Johnson rail yard. Now, they're relocating as part of a multi-million dollar expansion.

This afternoon at C.N.'s new intermodal site company officials were all smiles as they showed off their new facility.

"The initial intent was to design and make it attractive to all of the regional carriers to come and use this facility," said Jim Kvedareas of Canadian National Railroad.

Company officials expect the area to begin buzzing with truck and train activity as containers carrying many of the goods and products you buy pass through here on their way to the marketplace.

"This is what's known as an intermodal operation what it does is it affects the transfer of shipping containers between trucks and rail," said Kvedareas. "So either trains come in loaded and need to be unloaded and delivered to Memphis...truck drivers come in to pick up their loads and go on to their local delivery or where ever they are delivering to."

C.N. officials said they picked Memphis to expand because of its distribution center reputation.

"There is no doubt that the port and this new terminal of excellence, intermodal terminal of excellence will bolster and enhance our distinction and our place in the nation's ability to deliver and produce commerce," said Rep. Harold Ford, Jr.

And local leaders also point to the economic impact this new facility is expected to have. Canadian National Railroad has a 125 acre site in southwest Memphis.

Officials say you can expect other businesses to start building out there too as companies choose this site to be closer to intermodal operations.