Family holds out hope for missing girl

An impromptu prayer circle outside Melissa Briggs house was too much for the mother of a missing girl, whose emotions sent her inside in a fit of tears.

Briggs' daughter, Antionette, has been missing since last Friday, when she was dropped off for school orientation.

Now - even the girl's former teachers are out on the streets looking for her.

"We don't understand what is happening. Why hasn't she been found," said Longview Middle School Assistant Principal Tarcia Gilliam.

The disappearance was made more mysterious by a breathless message left on the voice mail of the girl's cousin the day after she disappeared.

"Ebony please help me. Ebony. This dude... Please help. Please ebony please... {inaudible}... Please help," the girl can be heard saying.

"The longer... The longer it takes to find her... We just want to find her," said former teacher Rashida Parrish.

"Somebody abducted my baby. Because my baby is too smart to do some running away," said mother Melissa Biggs.

There have been several reported sightings, although none confirmed. One suggested that they'd seen the girl walking down the street, looking dazed and disoriented.

Police are looking for leads and asking for help.

So is the girl's mother.

"I've been panicking ever since. Worried. I can't eat. I can't drink nothing. I'm messed up," she said.

Call Memphis Police at 901-373-3883 ext 3961 with any information or Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH