Group of Mid-South firefighters haven't been paid in 6 months

EDMONDSON, AR (WMC) - The men and women who protect our communities deserve the utmost support, but sadly, a group of Mid-South firefighters in Arkansas said they haven't paid in half a year.

The volunteer firefighters who protect the town of Edmondson have to work other jobs to pay the bills, but no matter when they get the call...

"If you get the call you go no matter what time it is," Chief Michael Dozier said.

Dozier and his group of 20 volunteer firefighters don't do it for the pay, they do it for the community.

"We're here to protect the citizens,  and we're here to help the citizens. That's all we're ever interested in," Dozier said.

But these volunteers are currently dealing with putting out a completely different fire.

"We get paid per call. The city has agreed that they will pay that and have been paying that for the 17 years I've been on the department. This year they're saying they don't have the money to pay it," Dozier said.

Dozier said the City of Edmondson is dealing with an unprecedented budget crunch and hasn't been able to pay the volunteer firefighters since May.

"Right now it's around $4,000--that's the total amount," Dozier said.

While Chief Dozier admits his firefighters are frustrated, he said they're keeping a positive attitude.

"Well we try to keep patient. We understand the city is having a situation and we're trying to work with the city because sooner or later they've got to make it equal and at least pay us," he said.

Dozier said the city has told him that they expect to pay them back starting in the beginning of the year. Regardless, he said his team will continue to risk their lives to keep their neighbors safe.

WMC Action News 5 reached out to the City of Edmondson for a comment on this holiday weekend and haven't heard back yet.

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